Tumi vs Rimowa

I went to the Rimowa web site to try and look at what types of luggage they had to offer. Let me tell you it was slow going. I wonder how many sales they lose because their web site loads so slowly. They may have invented the first travel trunk, you know, the kind you have seen in some really old movies, but I think the company is still that old, and slow. I also found, once I managed to get around on their site, their luggage looks an awful lot like Samsonite stuff. The prices just about blew me away too. How could you possibly afford any trip after you paid for just two pieces? They are way overpriced as far as I am concerned.
As a due diligent shopper I did my comparison shopping, looking at the differences between Tumi vs Samsonite and Tumi vs Rimowa, and I am satisfied that I found the better quality and better priced products for my next trip.