Tumi vs Samsonite

Samsonite has been around for years. I remember my mother had some of their luggage. The luggage pieces they carry sure don’t look as though they have changed much over the years. As I looked around on their web site I did notice one thing; all their stuff basically looks the same. There are a few different color, and they have given the luggage sets fancy names, but the styles are just the same old same old; know what I mean. Another thing I find annoying is when you want to shop for something and you can’t find any prices.
Tumi has way better selection, doesn’t hide prices because they know they are selling top quality at very reasonable prices

Tumi sale:
I love the prices and quality of this stuff already and I love to save money, so I visit the web site regularly, especially the Tumi sale page. I encourage you to do the same, at least once a month. Would not you just hate to miss out on an exclusive Tumi sale?